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Well, I've decided to make things tidier around here, and a permanent post seemed the right way to go about it.

Welcome to  my journal! If you are here then it's probably because you want to read my fics, so here they are:


Dreams and Realities

Genre: Humour / Romance / Slight Angst
Rating: PG15 (T)
Summary: Watanuki was used to dreaming about strange things. He was even used to dreaming about strange people. What he was not used to, was dreaming about him in that way... and pulling that dream into reality.

Chapter one, chapter two, chapter three, chapter four

The Words that Matter

Genre: Romance
Rating: R (M) to NC17 (MA)
Summary: Tonight, you aren't listening to the words that escape his lips, which have so often confused and infuriated you in the past. Tonight, the only words you can listen to are the ones spoken by your bodies entwined, by his skin against yours and by your heart beating alongside his.



A Taste of Normality

Genre: Humour / Romance
Rating: PG 13 (T)
Summary: For some people, “normality” is something that is ever-present and meant to be avoided at all costs. For Doumeki and Watanuki, it’s a rare treat to be enjoyed whenever it comes by.

An Octopus-shaped Revenge

Genre: Humour / Slight Romance (if you squint)
Rating: G (K)
Summary: Watanuki, just like many before him, had his ways of exacting revenge upon his enemies for their insolence. Unfortunately, they didn’t always have the effect he was aiming for.

Insanity as a Selling Point

Genre: Humour / Parody
Rating: PG-13 (T)
Sometimes, we need to laugh at the things we love. Other times, we need to make ruthless and merciless fun of them, making no allowances and giving them no respite. This time, it's the latter.

The Woollen Monstrosity

Genre: Humour / Romance
Rating: G (K)
Summary: It was ugly. It was itchy. It was deformed. It clashed horribly with the rest of his clothes. But for some unfathomable reason Watanuki couldn't begin to guess at, Doumeki loved that sweater.

Her Love and her Beloved

Genre: Family, Light Angst
Rating: G (K)
Summary: Doumeki Haruka finds an abandoned kitten and gives it to his bedridden grandson to keep him company through his illness. This is her story.



April Fool (drabble)

Genre: Gen / Humour
Rating: G (K)
Summary: There was a reason Watanuki hated April Fool's Day...

Gluttony (drabble)

Genre: Humour
Rating: G (K)
Summary: Doumeki had a very special kind of gluttony...

Cold Hands (drabble)

Genre: Humour / Romance (sort of)
Rating: Pg-13 (T)
Summary: Sometimes, having cold hands was a disadvantage.

Senbei (drabble)

Genre: Humour
Rating: G (K)
Summary: Doumeki can cook, too.

Rain (drabble)

Genre: Angst / Romance
Rating: PG-13 (T)
Summary. Watanuki doesn’t like rain.

Intervention (ficlet)

Genre: Humour
Rating: PG? PG13? Somewhere along that, I think.
Summary: Doumeki wasn’t sure how he felt about the changes that had befallen Watanuki.

RG Veda:

I’ll be Waiting

Genre: Romance
Rating: PG13 (T)
Summary: While Ashura sleeps, Yasha reflects on everything that happened between the two of them.

One Piece:

Love at First Binge (drabble)

Genre: Humour, Romance (sort of)
Rating: C for crack
Summary: What if Jewerly Bonney and Monkey D. Luffy were to meet?


(no subject)

Sooooo long time no see? Is anyone still around in lj?

Recently I've been thinking about finishing a few stories that were almost done, including a couple of xxxholic ones.

I'm on AO3 these days, but it's not the same. Even if it is better for stories, it's lacking the sense of community lj had (has?).

If you're still around and would like to let me know, give me a shout! It'd be nice to reconnect with you guys, I've really missed you.

[Fic] Rupert, the Not-A-War Hog

TITLE: Rupert, the Not-A-War Hog
FANDOM: The Hobbit
GENRE: Unrepentant fluff
STATUS: Complete (one-shot)
NOTES: Found this prompt in The Hobbit kink meme, upon which my muses proceeded to hit me over the head with a dwarven war hammer, and produce this as a result. Un-betaed, because I'm still without a computer of my own and this was written at work in between calls. ^^U
SUMMARY:  Frodo wants a pet animal. Bilbo mentions it in a letter to the Company. They send him one of Dain's war piglets.

Collapse )

perfectly fine

Growly Growls

Yeah, remember what I said about meaning to post more often and maybe going back to writing more fanfiction?

Well, my computer decided to die on me soon after.

The thing is, I'm not a particularly afluent person, so even scrunching up the money to get it fixed is something that needs careful planning... and I'd just engaged a fair bit of my monetary sources elsewhere. In what, you ask? In a new computer that someone would bring me, oh, sometime this April, but waiting wouldn't be a problem, because I would still have a working computer in the meantime, right?

Oh, the irony.

I do have a smartphone, but it's sadly the kind that is not all that smart and gets confused by simple requests, like checking my facebook profile, for instance.

I'm currently writing this from my workplace computer, which I shouldn't technically do, but I just wanted to give you guys a heads-up.
grinning Jack

The Unthinkable Happened

I was holding Dido on my lap (it's winter this side of the planet, so cuddling while I read stuff on the Internet is compulsory), when all of a sudden.... she burped.

She honest-to-God burped, with noise and all!! XD

No hacking up a hairball, no bored meow demanding attention. A burp. I didn't even know cats could burp! And I could tell it was one. Her belly was on my lap, so I could feel the bubble of air rumbling and travelling all the way from her stomach to her mouth and exploding in a confused little sound, like it, too, didn't know cats could burp. XD

She'll never stop amazing me, I swear. Weirdest cat in the world!

My Cat is Weird

Dido, my lovely yet odd cat, has a thing about smells. Most cats do, but mine has something of an obsession with them. How so? I'll try to explain.

She knows me. She knows me well. She knows it's me coming in the door from the moment I open the apartment building's front door (I've got reliable proof of this).

And yet, she won't let me pet her until she's confirmed it's me, by sniffing my fingers. If she approves, she will then present me with the back of her head, demanding a scratch. If she doesn't approve, she will back away, glare firmly in place.

The same thing happens with anybody that happens to cross my door, no matter how well-known or loved (by Dido, that is). Woe betide the fool who tries to pet her without letting her sniff them first.

It isn't clear just what she looks for when she does this sniffing inspection. I used to think I knew what it was, but just now, I witnessed her sniff my cup of tea and then proceed to grant the cup permission to pet her.

I actually had to pick up the cup and lightly scratch her behind the ears with it or she wouldn't leave my lap. :P

Like I said, my cat is weird.
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A question for all you Dreamwidth users...

Is there any way to back up my entries together with their respective comments? Only, I sometimes like to go back to old entries in my journal just to read the comments...

I'm considering backing up my journal in Dreamwidth, but there wouldn't be much point if there is no way to back up the comments, too. :/
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